Enabling sustainable success and excellence in Indo-German business engagement


We prepare and assist all involved in an Indo-German business engagement by …

• helping them to get to know their own personality and emotionality.
• determining the expected multidimensional challenges and problem areas
depending on the job content.
• helping to comprehend the emotional constitution of the „Individual‘s Soul“.
• jointly clarifying the support function of company headquarters and developing
the „duty to explain“ concept to set the base for their leading role.
• conducting simulations to illustrate the necessity to seriously consider the
emotionality and special psychological setting of the people in the foreign location
as an effective operative instrument for target achievement


• Personal and business goals are realised effectively.
• You are able to place your perceptions and concerns into context.
• You will notice new options and opportunities for your business activities.
• Through deep comprehension of the existing emotionality you build the
foundation to avoid costly and repetitive mistakes.
• The expat manager ist effective and efficient in executing his multidimensional
• The leading role of company headquarters is appreciated. The implementation of
global strategies can be done efficiently and sustainably.
• You are able to utilise the whole potential capacity of your organisation.
• You create the foundation for excellence.

Thank You!

Programme Details:

Online series – Inder Talk


Friday 12th February, 2021 @ 12:30 pm CET (5 pm IST)

Contact : info@ief-germany.com, +49-1712289611

Dr. Anton Reinfelder

Expert for business success in India
through management and leadership

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